Vex is an action game which can make the most prissy game player feel satisfied because of its outstanding features. It was developed by Amazing Adam.

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     I’m sure that you are curious about what the outstanding features of Vex are.
First, it is an action game in which your character moves, runs, jumps most of the time of the game. Due to this content, you will feel it is so exciting that you can’t help being glued to it.
Second, the design of the game can easily attract notice. After glance at it even just one more time, you may feel that you are immediately attracted. Playing the game, you will feel that it does not only attract your eyes, but it also steal your mind. You are totally attracted.


    Additionally, the design of the game is so interesting. The impediments in the game that hinder you vary in each act or even each part of the act. While playing, you will have to face up with many kinds of impediments. They can surprise you a lot because of its various shapes, sizes or their moving way. There are so many moving things that can make you crazy even though you just see it and have not tried to pass through yet.
Finally, the most attractive feature that helps the game attracts a lot of players is the difficulty of the missions of the acts.


    The difficulty of the game is not easy to resolve. In some circumstances, you may not know how to do then, or where to go. At that time, the best choice is to try all the way that you can go. However, meanwhile, the game is still counting your time and the times you have tried. Moreover, it is not everywhere that you can easily pass through the impediments, especially, where it requires you to jump is very hard to jump without any mistakes. You have to do many things together: jumping many times continuously, control the way that your character is aiming at. That is the reason why the game is so hard.

   However, the more difficult the game is, the more excited the players are. Many players try it because of its difficulty. What about you? Are you ready to try Vex?

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