Vex 4

     Yepi games has released a series of action games named Vex. The latest game is Vex 4. Being the latest version, Vex 4 seems to be the most attractive version.

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     If you have ever played the three first versions, I’m sure that you know that the feature that helps the games to attract such many players is the difficulty of the missions. However, the missions in the games are not as difficult as you think, because there are many things in the game helping you to complete the mission more easily. If you can use them wisely, the game is not too difficult to win.

     First, the help that appears first is the notes in form of imperatives. They are guidance that tells you what to do in the game. However, it appears in only the first level to help you to get used to with the rule of the game. You will use what you are told till the last level of the game and even in the following versions.


     Besides, there are so many checkpoints on your way. The checkpoints in the game are marked as red flags and when you pass them, the red flags will turn into green. It is the identification of the checkpoints. The checkpoints record where you have passed through as achievement. Moreover, they have a more wonderful usage. If you make a mistake and have to play again, you will not have to return to the start point. You will return to the nearest checkpoint that you have passed. Therefore, you must always take notice of the checkpoints. If you ignore them, it may become a huge problem, you may have to return to the start point and play again from the beginning.


     In addition, there are many of pedestals helping you to jump as high as you want. When you step on them, you will bounce like a ball, so that you can easily jump high. In some cases, they have another function. When you must jump quickly, these pedestals will help a lot.

     Finally, the last help is the smallest. They do not appear regularly. They are the colorful arrows. Like the sentences that guide you what to do, the arrows guide you where to go. They are the smallest in the four helps, but they play a very important part in guiding you to the right way.


     Not only the four helps above, there are some things that in specific cases, they are useful, but in other cases, they are dangerous. Therefore, always be intelligent when using the helps.

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