Vex 3

     Do you like action games? Are you waiting for an exciting game? If you say yes, Vex 3 is a great choice for you.

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   Vex 3 is an action game which was developed by Yepi games. It is so exciting that it can blow you away immediately.

     In the game, you play as a man who has to run around to find a green door. When you click the new game button to start the game, the game starts without any instruction. You begin to play in the game hub and have to find the block named Act 1 to play in the first version. In all the acts of the game, you have the same mission. The mission that you have to complete throughout the game is to find a green magical door and that door will bring you back to the game hub. In the game hub, you have to find the block that is named the next act you are coming to.


    The mission of the game is not easy. In the game, if you only run, you can’t do anything. There are so many impediments and something to help you in the game. You have to avoid the impediments because they can hurt you. If you touch the impediments, you will have to start again. For example, if you touch the spines, you will be prickled and die. If you can’t avoid the moving blocks, you will be crushed into pieces. Therefore, you have to try your best to stay away from the impediments.


    However, sometimes, staying away from the impediments is impossible, because they are everywhere on your screen. If you step forward or backward for just one step, you can die. In addition, playing the game, you will know what the feeling is when you fly right above a lot of big and sharp spines.

     Even when there are impediments on the blocks you have to run or jump across them, it is not too hard to manage this. What is difficult in the game is when you have to do the continuous jumping or flying. Diving in the water is difficult too. Moreover, the time you can hold your breath under the water in the game is limited. If the time is over and you have not got out of the water, you will die.

     You can lose your mind in the game because of the attractive features of the game, so why don’t you try it now?

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